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Visiting a new church doesn't have to be awkward. Let us help!

After completing your "Plan Your Visit" card online, here's what happens next:

>> We'll email you with your Hospitality host's name. Check your email!

>> When you arrive, turn left in the parking lot and choose your VIP "Guest" parking space. 

>> Walk into the lobby and ask a Hospitality Team member for your host by name. 

>> You'll get a quick tour, any questions answered, and help finding you a seat. We'll even sit with you

if you'd like us to!

What should i expect?

Our Style.

We are a modern style church with energetic contemporary praise & worship. Our Pastor preaches the Word in a fun, energetic, and attention keeping way, so you learn the true Word of God on your level. 


We have a volunteer staffed nursery and Compassion Kids church on Sundays. Our check-in kiosk is located just down the hallway from the lobby next to the merch wall. We also have a Parent Resource Center with current series, teaching, activities, news, teachers for the week, and a self check-in kiosk you can use to bypass the line.

 After getting checked in, our kids have praise and worship, activities, snacks, the Word, and pray. Our kids church is monitored by our Security Team and security cameras. Our teachers are also CPR/AED certified because safety is our priority!

On Wednesday evenings, we dismiss kids & students to class after praise and worship, with no check-in

Dress Code.

We have no dress code. Some wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, dresses, or collared shirts. Just dress how you're comfortable. We don't care if you have tattoos, how you dress, or what your past is. We just want to see you here!

Service Times. 

We begin service at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings & 7:00 pm on Wednesday evenings. 

What does a typical Sunday morning service look like?

1. When service begins, we'll start out with a greeting, prayer, and praise & worship in the sanctuary.

2. After praise & worship, we'll receive the offering and show our announcement video.

3. We will then get ready for the sermon and prayer in the altars. 

4. After being dismissed, parents will return to the kids check-in kiosk for their children and we'll be in the lobby to give you a friendly goodbye. 

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"I can't wait to meet you this sunday!"
- Pastor Travis
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