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Our Why


Would you do ANYTHING to reach for broken, hurting, and lost people? So would we.. that's why we're taking a leap of faith and believing God to provide in this expansion project. Jesus is ALIVE and we want to make room to tell more people there is hope and a future for them in God! 

In Habakkuk 2:2 God told Habakkuk, “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” God wanted Habakkuk to write down the vision so that others could read it and run with it. This is casting vision. It is seeing what God sees and helping others to see it too. We're casting our vision for what we believe God is calling us to step out and do in faith. 

We believe God is calling us to: 

  • Make room for more people to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and become sons and daughters of God

  • Provide a safe place for kids to go to a Christian school and learn about the Lord. 

  • Take care of more needs in our community. 

  • Host ministry, marriage, youth, and kids events. 

We are believing and trusting God for BIG things at Compassion. We want YOU to join in on what God is doing and be part of it! 

We’ve experienced tremendous growth in our kids department. Recently, we have added pipe and drape to the fellowship hall making sections for additional classrooms and youth area. The current 5,800 square feet no longer meets the needs or capacity we have reached. Approximately, 250 people call Compassion home and we need to make room! For these reasons, we believe it’s time to make this move in faith, to give room for who God is sending and what God is doing through the ministry at Compassion Church. 

We don’t believe this is too big for God! He is the Author and Creator. He owns and sustains it all. We believe God will provide and move in big ways for our future. The Lord provided us nearly 8 acres of land, and we don’t believe it’s just for mowing hay. God has a big plan for us to reach our community and we are so excited about this next step in our journey! 

Front View
Floor Plans HIDef.jpg
Site Plan Master.jpg
Phase 1 side.JPG
PHase 1 (Kids wing/School)
Phase 1 back.JPG
PHase 1 (Kids wing/School)

we're making room
for you

partner with us!

What does this project include?

We will be doing this project in phases as the Lord directs us and allows funding. We will outline what phases we will be doing at a time as our Building Committee deems necessary and feels we are ready for the next step. This is to show our overall dream and vision for our property that we will be working towards. 

Here is the overall master plan that we are believing God for:

> A two-story Compassion Kids wing for kids church and a Christian school. 
> A larger playground with more swings and equipment for our kids.

> A larger 500 seat sanctuary. 
> A fully renovated Youth Sanctuary and activity room. 
>  A new lobby with seating and a welcome cafe.
> A bigger kitchen and storage area for meals.
> A gymnasium for indoor events, sports, kids activities, and food pantry.  
> An amphitheater and fire pit for outdoor services/activities.
> Parking lots to accommodate all areas.

What is Phase 1? 

Phase 1 will include:
>> Two-story kid's wing directly off the back of the church for Kid's Church and
a Christian School, K-5. Possible plans for a daycare as well.  
>> Expanded parking lot.
>> Larger playground.
>> Larger kitchen built out from the current kitchen. 

What is Phase 2? 

Phase 2 will include:
>> New 2-story lobby with an entrance above and below. Lobby will also have
offices, storage, restrooms, security office, etc. Upper lobby will 
have a main entrance that will connect to the new and current building. 

>> New sanctuary to seat 500 people, storage, baptistery, green room for
praise team, media room, nursing mothers room, and counseling room.

When will the remainder of the property be developed?

>> In later phases as the Lord provides funding and directs us.  

Phase 1 side 2.JPG


When can we begin?


We will be receiving donations, doing fundraisers, and speaking with our bank about options. We won’t be able to begin until funding and bank approvals are there. This will require patience.


What is the overall cost of the project? 

The project can be figured only in cost per square feet as of right now. Industrial costs are approximately $230 per sqft. Give or take. 


What is going to be done in Phase 1? 


The two-story kid’s wing, extended kitchen, and expanded parking lot. 


Will the church be kept updated on progress along the way? 


Absolutely! We will have periodic updates for the church to stay in the loop on where we are in the process. 


How can I stay involved? 


First and foremost, by praying, fasting, and seeking God with us. Secondly, by giving and partnering with us for this vision. Finally, we need help with fundraisers as our team plans them. 


How long will it take to complete? 


This will not be a quick project, unfortunately. As funds allow, we will move forward. Additionally, building times are at least 12-18 months from local/state approvals, contracting, and breaking ground. 


Are we going to stop supporting local charities or discontinue Compassion Cares offerings? 


NO! We believe the Lord blesses cheerful givers and blesses us when we give. We will continue our giving in the community and believe God will honor our generosity. 


Will we have to move services off-site once we start building? 


No, we will not be affected for Sunday services in our current building. 


Will we use our current sanctuary after the kids wing/school is built? 


Yes, for phase one we will still use our current sanctuary. As we grow and need more room, we will move to two Sunday morning services at likely 9:00 & 11:00 am. Once we are able to move forward with phase 2 (the new lobby and new sanctuary), we will move into the new building and our current sanctuary will be renovated for the fellowship hall. 


Where will the fellowship hall be when we complete phase 1? 


We will use the new youth & kid’s sanctuary as flex rooms for tables during events. 


Will we have to move our pavilion and playground? 


Yes, but not at first. We will be able to keep them there for now, but as the project proceeds, they will be moved a little bit so that they will be next to the back of the new kid’s wing. 


Will we have to hire staff? 


Yes, at some point we will be hiring administration, school staff, and additional positions in the future. 


partner with us!

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