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about compassion cares

What is the Compassion Cares program?

Compassion Cares is a monthly community outreach program to bless a need(s) in our area with funds that are donated to us.


How can I give to this mission?

We accept donations here on our website, app, or in-person at our monthly offering taken up during service on the last Sunday of each month.

How are the needs selected?

We have a committee that takes nominations for needs that are outside of our church. We pray, discuss, & select at least one need per month. Unfortunately, due to so many needs in our community, not every need submitted to us will be selected. 

How do I submit a need nomination?

You can submit a nomination for someone who does not attend Compassion either at our Welcome Center in the lobby or here below online.


Will I know if my nomination is selected?

If your nomination is selected, we will contact you for more details and see how you may be able to get involved with our committee in fulfilling the need you submitted. 

Can I have a Compassion Cares t-shirt?

Absolutely! You can buy one in our lobby at the Welcome Center. 

Have a testimony about Compassion Cares? Share it with us!


Want a t-shirt?

You can order one at the welcome center in the lobby, or here online and pick up at the welcome center. 

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