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Compassion Seeks to be the loving, caring, and compassionate church Jesus calls us to be. 

Our mission is to be a church family that reaches for people of every generation, race, social class, and background to minister the Gospel in a clear and effective way, so we can see "people become sons and daughters of God. 

Our focus is to build more relationships, burn hotter with God's fire, broaden our church family, and be better representatives of Jesus. 


BUILDING Relationships means building a stronger army for the Kingdom of God to combat darkness. Strong devils are overcome by even stronger Godly relationships. 

BURNING hotter with God's fire ensures that we will overcome burnout and be consumed by revival fire. Since Jesus said lukewarm won't do, staying close to Holy Ghost fire must be the only way to live.


BROADENING our church family makes us an inviting church. Our community will know us and we will be known as a church reaching beyond our four walls. 

Being BETTER representatives of Jesus will cause us to not walk by our flesh, but walk in His Spirit. Endeavoring to stray from the serpents venom and cling to the fruits of the Spirit. 

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