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Mini Golf Mayhem 2023.001.jpeg

fun for the entire family

Join us for an evening of fun for the entire family!

What can I expect for this event?


First, you will be greeted by members of our Kids Check-In Team and given score cards, pencils, and a ticket (tickets will be used at the end.)

Next, you and your family will enjoy 18 holes of mini golf! Each hole will be decorated and themed for extra fun and may make the hole easier or more challenging.

 ** Snacks such as popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, and drinks will be given throughout the course**

Lastly, you will get to use the ticket to vote for your favorite hole. The winner will get a special certificate, gift, and of course - bragging rights! 

The best score for children 5th grade and under will also win a special prize!

You don't want to miss this night! Can't wait to see you there!

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