Spring Semester ’20

Why Join a cGroup?

We believe life is about relationships and being a Christian is about relationships too.  cGroups @ Compassion Church are designed to help us strengthen our relationship with God, other Christians, the local church, and our family and friends. Being in a group will help develop you as a leader and launch you into your God given purpose: changing the world around you!
To enroll in a cGroup, please contact the group leader via text or call! You’re welcome to join multiple groups. If you’re interested in starting your own cGroup, please email: pastor@compassionchurch.net, or speak with Pastor Travis. Our groups are in 2 semesters each year to give you a break and pray about trying different groups and adding brand new ones! 
Spring Semester: January-April
Fall Semester: September-December
We look forward to seeing you in one of our groups very soon!

“Men of Compassion”

This group is for men of ALL ages to come and experience powerful Bible study, dinners at the best restaurants, activities, and cookouts. We believe that our men should be empowered to lead their families and be planted in the Word of God. This group meets monthly. To enroll, please call/text the group leader now!
Roger Dowell

“Women of Compassion”

We believe in our women! They are our wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and the strength of every family. Our women’s group meets monthly for dinners, meetings, study, and fun events. To enroll, please call/text the group leader now!

Jenny Anderson



“Seasoned Saints”


Compassion recognizes that without our seasoned saints of God, the younger generation would be helpless. We honor our seniors and empower them to continue teaching, growing, learning, connecting, and have a great time together! This group meets bi-weekly. To enroll, please call/text the group leader now!
Jane Carrol: 423-231-7367
Rick Carrol: 423-231-5343



“Essential Oils & Scripture”

If you’re passionate about essential oils, then this is the group for you! This group is all about oils and what they can do for you and your family’s health and well being, all while studying God’s Word and growing together. This group will meet monthly. To enroll, please call/text the group leader now!    

Traci Lay
***Fees for supplies may apply***

“Young Adults”

(20’s – 40’s)

This group is all about our young adults and millennials! We will get you connected, have meals, fun events, and spend time in God’s Word and experience growth together. This group meets monthly unless notified otherwise. To enroll, please call/text the group leader now!

Erik & Nicole Nelson
Courtney & Dustin Dalton



“Family Game Night”

This is a fun group of ALL ages to come together bi-monthly and bring board games, card games, finger foods, drinks, and desserts and just have a great time! This night normally takes place on a Friday and we gather in our fellowship hall and have a blast. Kids are welcome too. This group meeting will be announced as scheduled!
No registration is required for this group.
“Sacred Assembly”
This is an open group for all ages to attend the first Sunday of each month @ 6:30 pm. We gather together in our altars and call up needs to the Lord and seek God together. This is a very powerful time and all are encouraged to attend.
No registration is required for this group.