Whether this is your first visit or you have been here for years, we encourage everyone ages 13 and up to join us in our Immerse Course. This course is a 2 step program designed to be THE way to get connected and learn our DNA and where you fit in. Step 1 is the first Sunday of every month and Step 2 is the second Sunday starting at 9 am in the elementary classroom. We start out by signing in and grabbing a name tag, a folder, and a pen. Then we enjoy some coffee, bottled water, cappuccino, hot chocolate, apple cider, and breakfast snacks. We’ll take a few minutes to get to know each other and then follow along with notes about the day’s lesson plan. Membership is not required after completing Immerse Course, but if you are interested in joining Compassion Church, this is your next step. Make plans to join us in our next course. At Compassion Church, there’s a place for YOU!