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we're saving a seat

for you

sunday april 4 // 10:30 am


What to expect at Compassion on Easter Sunday:

Easter Sunday is always so special at Compassion! You'll come in and be greeted by members of our hospitality team, given a connect card, and find a seat in the sanctuary.


We begin at 10:30 with a prayer and praise & worship together. Then, we'll have a special time of communion with bread and juice. This really is a special day, because our Compassion Kids will be singing for us too!


Then, we'll dismiss our kids and listen to a 30-40 minute Word from Pastor Travis and have prayer together in the altars before being dismissed.


We're so excited to see you on Easter Sunday!

Quick Recap:


Step 1:

Greeting from our Hospitality Team


Step 2:

Energetic praise & worship together. Communion. 

Kids singing.

IMG_1948 (5).jpg

Step 3:

Sermon from Pastor Travis.

Step 4: 

Our kids learn about Jesus & have a blast together!


Step 5: 

Have a time of prayer in the altars.